A water tank

Water Storage Tanks

In the past 35 years, hundreds of our water storage tanks have been installed throughout Texas and the southwest. Our tanks are the perfect complement to your home or ranch property. Our versatile tanks work flawlessly for potable water, irrigation, livestock and ranch uses, and for rainwater catchment. Our tanks can also be designed with a wide variety of beautiful exterior finishes and sizes to meet your design needs. For a lifetime of beautiful durability, nothing beats a C&M Precast Water Storage Tank.

  • Price Competitive with Plastic & Fiberglass
  • Decades of Longevity Reduces Interior Water Temperatures
  • Available in Dozens of Aesthetic Finishes
  • No Chemical Interaction with Water
  • Easily Integrated into Rainwater Catchment Systems
  • Perfect for Potable Water, Irrigation, and More


Increased Pump Life Reserve Storage5,000 psi steel and fiber reinforced concrete
Added Storage for Fire ProtectionBrass or stainless steel exterior fittings
Increased Quality of Water24″x24″ manhole with concrete cover
Reduction of Sediments, Iron and Minerals in Drinking WaterTwo 2″ vents
Durability & Longevity of Concrete5 standard plumbing layouts
More Stable Water TemperatureNSF water tight gasket
No Light TransmissionNSF waterproof coating
Custom configurations available upon request

Other Water Storage Products

Water Troughs

Our precast water troughs come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit your needs.